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What a year it has been. BTC has grown from a mere $10B market cap in January to well over $300B in December. Heatcheque has been following the journey and knows the best is yet to come. With the whole crypto-sphere being worth just over half a trillion USD and our road to $1T is fast approaching.

The CboE and CME both decided to list future contracts this December, thus allowing institutional investors to now hedge the risk associated with BTC’s volatility. A CME contract requires an intial margin of 44%, thus making it very pricey to partake in contracts and a huge cash inflow into BTC can be expected. First the institutional investors will get involved, then it will be presented to the mainstream media.

At the time of writing BTC stands at an impressive $20 000. Over 2000% growth in 12 months. Some funny stats have appeared, a one month BTC return is around 35% and a standard deviation of 69%

The world of crypto-currencies has been dubbed “Stock Market 2.0”.  This market is also filled with people from all over the world worrying about the bubble that’s supposedly going to burst, but are yet to understand the fundamental technology behind it. A publicly distributed ledger that is decentralized, secure and transparent. Each crypto has it’s unique traits. The circulating supply, the way it’s mined and how it’s transactions are verified.

These days Ripple (XRP) can move $13B , in under 15 minutes for less than $1. If you don’t think that is revolutionary, please close this page and get back to watching memes on Facebook

The implementation of blockchain technology has the ability to help us live in a more efficient and cost effective manner. No longer do you have to go to Western Union and wait 7 days for a transfer of payment and high transaction costs. But wait there’s more! International remittances are a tiny part of the solutions blockchains can implement.

Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, NEO, Cardano, Lisk & Ark each of these coins serve a different purpose and their application to real-world use cases is phenomenal. Not only do they all have the potential to fold over your investments a couple of times but also change the way in which society evolves with technology. So it’s never too late to get involved.

It’s not all about BTC either! JP Morgan’s CEO Jaimie Dimon is a sneaky weasel. He chooses to bad-mouth Bitcoin but low-key understands how powerful blockchain technology will be. So when he says he couldn’t care about bitcoin, very true. He’s probably looking at Ripple which is targeted to hit $2 in 2018 (currently: 0.74c) and has done 30x return earlier this year. I see you Jaimie.



A review of HeatCheque’s recent tokens:

The last post on BTC/HC was for the EMC2 token. Since the recommendation it has grown 20x from 0.1c to $2. NASA will also be using this token which spiked hyped among the market.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) over the past 90 days has grown from $0.03 to $0.28 ( close to 10x fold). It has secured contracts with IBM and will be the platform Kik Messenger will use for payments. These along with many other deals allowed for XLM to grow from a market cap of $700M to well over $5B and still expected to grow.

OmiseGo (OMG) recommended at $8 is currently 100% up. Not a bad return in less than 3 months.

Blockchain takes the power away from the institutions and gives it back to the people. Take you financial freedom back


My point is this…….

What we are experiencing is the 4th industrial revolution.

This is a once in a life opportunity to turn $10 000 to $1M, by finding a coin that will fold 100x

How long will it take? Well that is completely up to you. You can become a millionaire in less than 1000 days

Here are a couple price targets on the house for 2018:

ADA: $1.5
NEO: $ 300
ETH: $ 2000
LTC: $ 1150
XRP: $2
XLM: $1
LSK: $ 50
BTC: $ 50 000
(yes, now go do some research) …

Sign up and get involved.

Private chat rooms with trading signals and portfolio selection coming in 2018

See you on the moooon!!!

Large regards,



(Disclaimer: Due diligence should be performed prior to investing in tokens & do not invest more than you can afford to lose)

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